There are no dealers on the LMAX Exchange

Complete trading anonymity


Our spreads are set by the market

Anonymous order book

Lightning FAST execution


no requotes


how you want, anywhere

MetaTrader 4 | Web Client
MultiCharts | API Trading

Flexible Access to LMAX Exchange offers clients a number of access methods – all developed to ensure highest quality of trade execution

The award-winning LMAX Exchange is the first MTF for FX trading regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority

Established to deliver the benefits of exchange quality execution to the traditional OTC traded market, LMAX Exchange offers complete pre and post-trade transparency, precise execution and a level playing field for all market participants.

LMAX Professional – advantages:


    There are no dealers on the LMAX Exchange, making Forex and CFD trading on the LMAX Exchange neutral and transparent. With no dealer intervention – requotes are a thing of the past – our cutting-edge technology purely and simply matches clients’ best bids to the best offers.

  • Our spreads are set by the market

    The Forex and CFD prices you see on the LMAX Exchange are created by traders and institutional wholesale liquidity providers placing orders on the open, anonymous order book and trading the market. So the best bid and offer prices are set by the market. Still don’t like the prices? You can post an order at the price you want, at any level, and wait for it to be matched.

lmax exchange
  • Lightning FAST execution

    The award-winning LMAX Exchange Forex and CFD trading platform enables reliable, low latency trade execution (ALL orders are matched with an average speed of 4ms) and no “last look” (unlike ECNs).

  • Trade how you want, anywhere

    Clients can access the LMAX Exchange and all its functionality via our web trading platform, our smartphone apps, MultiCharts, MetaTrader 4 (MT4) and API. Whichever vehicle you choose you can be sure to get the institutional benefits of exchange trading.

Access methods:

MetaTrader 4


MetaTrader 4 Exchange client platform is designed to give you the edge in today’s busy trading environment, with live quotes, real-time charts and analytics. Through MT4 Exchange, our clients deal direct with LMAX Exchange, this means higher quality of execution for the end client.

Web Client

Clients can access LMAX Exchange through an easy to use, professional web based user interface. The LMAX Exchange’s web trading technology enables clients 24 hour online access to all LMAX Exchange Forex and CFD markets, with low latency, anonymous trading and superior execution.


The LMAX Mobile trading technology enables clients on the move to access all LMAX Exchange Forex and CFD markets via iPhone®, iPad®, Android™ or Blackberry®. Clients can view latest price movements, manage positions and be confident that all information and transactions are secure.


multicharts LMAX Exchange can be accessed by traders through MultiCharts trading technology. MultiCharts is a professional charting and automated trading platform, designed for Forex.

API Trading

The LMAX Exchange Application Programming Interface (API) technology enables clients to automate FX trading and CFD trading.