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MetaTrader 4 | Web Client
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Flexible Access to LMAX Global offers clients a number of access methods – all developed to ensure highest quality of trade execution

Transparent trading on tighter spreads

LMAX Global is an FCA regulated Broker for FX and part of the LMAX Exchange Group. LMAX Global offers brokers and professional traders the ability to trade on the LMAX Exchange central limit order book, offering tighter spreads on streaming firm liquidity from top tier banks and proprietary trading firms.
PK Investment Services Ltd. ( is an Introducing Broker for LMAX Global.

LMAX Global – advantages:

  • Transparent price discovery and tight spreads

    Streaming firm limit order liquidity from top tier financial institutions

  • Firm limit order liquidity with no ‘last look’ rejections

    Strict price/time priority order matching, execution quality metrics as standard

  • Complete trading anonymity - conflict free and neutral

    Simply matching buyers with sellers within an anonymous trading venue

  • Low latency execution

    Orders are matched with an average speed of 3ms

  • FCA regulated and committed to the FX Global Code

    Trusted, rules-based trading environment – one public rulebook applied to all participants

  • Award-winning, scalable technology platform

    LMAX Global proprietary technology is recognised for excellence and innovation

Access methods:

MetaTrader 4


MetaTrader 4 Exchange client platform is designed to give you the edge in today’s busy trading environment, with live quotes, real-time charts and analytics. Through MT4 Exchange, our clients deal direct with LMAX Global, this means higher quality of execution for the end client.

Web Client

Clients can access LMAX Global through an easy to use, professional web based user interface. The LMAX Global’s web trading technology enables clients 24 hour online access to all LMAX Global Forex and CFD markets, with low latency, anonymous trading and superior execution.


The LMAX Mobile trading technology enables clients on the move to access all LMAX Global Forex and CFD markets via iPhone®, iPad®, Android™ or Blackberry®. Clients can view latest price movements, manage positions and be confident that all information and transactions are secure.


multicharts LMAX Global can be accessed by traders through MultiCharts trading technology. MultiCharts is a professional charting and automated trading platform, designed for Forex.

API Trading

The LMAX Global Application Programming Interface (API) technology enables clients to automate FX trading and CFD trading.

The Open Trader Exchange

The Exchange listing the world’s independent traders.
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