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  • Back to Fuller Trade 20/02/2018
    We get back to fuller trading conditions today, with the US returning to the market after enjoying the long holiday weekend. Monday price action was a non-event and the momentum from last Friday is reasserting, with the US Dollar benefiting as a result...
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  • Tight Consolidation in Holiday Session 19/02/2018
    Monday wasn’t expected to produce any surprises and didn’t let down those expectations, with the thin holiday trading conditions resulting in tight consolidation. China was out for the Lunar New Year, while the US was celebrating the President’s Day lo...
    Research & Analytics
  • Razor Thin Monday Trade 19/02/2018
    Markets are off to a quiet start this week and a lot of this has to do with holidays. China is out for 3 days to celebrate the Lunar New Year, and the US is out today in observance of President’s Day. Wake-Up Call
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