Quantower is a fast, modern and powerful trading platform developed by Quantower company.
Thanks to wide customization, modularity and progressive solutions, our trading software can meet the specific needs of even the most demanding traders.
Quantower has combined the best charting and analytical functionality in one application which gives professional traders more ways to reach the right trading decisions on different markets: Forex/Crypto/CFDs, Stocks, Derivatives (Futures/Options), ETFs and ETNs.

Key Benefits & Features:

  • Easy access to platform’s features through the Control center
  • Professional charting, analytics, trading and unrivaled interface
  • Multiple simultaneous connections to different brokers
  • One-click trading from the Chart and via DOM panel
  • Basic and Smart order types
  • Flexible customization of trading workspaces with ability to create Binds on panels
  • Smart search of trading instruments and panels via main search
  • Ability to create and trade Synthetic Instruments
  • Trading Simulator a tool for testing your ideas with real time data
  • History Player provides manual backtesting on any instruments
  • Level 2 Surface displays changes of all Limit orders for every price level (depend on
    the depth of market)

Fully customizable and professional interface

Quantower user-friendly interface allows trader to customize each single panel settings as well
as the whole workspace entirely. Any user can easily create trading layout according to the
special requirements or wishes using a wide range of options and preferences.

  • Flexible visual settings for any panels
  • Dockable and Grouped panels
  • Bind option allowing to combine several panels in one entity.
  • Info bar with exchanges time, quotes and account details

Quantower allows to create as many workspaces as you want. Manage and switch over them
with one click. As well you can detach necessary panels on another monitor and manage by
workspace lists.

Any chart types and styles

Quantower offers a large number of standard and advanced chart types, which allow
analyzing markets from different sides. So using our trading platform, traders can select:

  • Time-based and Tick charts
  • Renko, Price range, Heikin Ashi
  • Heikin Ashi

As well Quantower represents several ways of chart styles – candles, bars, line, area, dots.
Using our modern and flexible time frame selector, traders can easily switch over various
predefined periods or create custom intervals based on time, tick, range.

Multiple symbol Overlay and price Scales

Powerful charting module provides the ability to display two and more assets in the same chart
area. By adding several instruments to the existing chart, user can visually compare multiple
asset classes simultaneously.

For a correct comparison of several assets it is important to use a different price scales:
absolute, relative, or logarithmic.

Different Order Types

Through our trading platform you can execute different order types which may help to limit risk,
boost execution, provide price improvement, time the market and simplify the trading process.

  • Market, Limit, Stop, Trailing Stop
  • GTD, GTC, IOC, FOK, Day orders

Trading from the Chart, Depth of Market (DOM)

Chart trading mode was created for active traders who want to react quickly to
ever-changing market conditions, send and change orders in a single click.

  • Drag&drop order to change its price
  • Open/Close position and cancel order by double click
  • Visualize your exit points and set Stop Loss/Take Profit instantly

Our Market Depth provides the clear view on the exchange’s order book of resting bid and ask
orders with their sizes. Using this trading tool, you can easily change trading symbols, choose
order durations, change the order size, select and place order types, including Smart Orders.
Through the Mouse trading mode you can place or cancel orders in one click.

  • Place, modify, and cancel orders directly on the price ladder.
  • Different order types
  • Default order size preference

Advanced drawing tools and studies

Quantower provides wide set of drawing tools and technical indicators that allow traders to
focus on the main reversal points, gaps, trends and other price movements (60+ indicators
by default). All indicators divided by several groups:

  • Channels
  • Moving Averages
  • Oscillators
  • Trend
  • Volatility
  • Custom indicators & scripts

Start an Account Support Ticket (info@lmax.com) and give us your Live or Demo LMAX Account ID (This is a numeric number. Not your LMAX username.) and request it to be used with the Quantower LMAX order routing connection. Provide your full name. You can write: “My LMAX account ID is (number) and I request that it be allowed to be used on the Quantower order routing connection. (Full name)”.

API Fee:
Monthly connection fee $300