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Get fast, mobile access to the LMAX Global venue, VWAP across all LMAX Global venues and the very latest FX news.
All LMAX Global Android™ and iOS® apps integrates seamlessly with LMAX Global, delivering ultra-low latency exchange quality execution, the very latest VWAP FX market data and up to the minute, vital, FX news – at the touch of a screen.

LMAX mobile

LMAX Global trading app – smartphone and tablet

The LMAX Global trading app delivers full trading functionality, real-time price updates and exchange quality execution speeds. It also comes with a Me2 mirror trading (iPad only) capability, social news feed and is currently the only trading app showing full market depth.

  • Charts
  • Watchlist
  • Economic calendar
  • Trade features
  • Real time status information
  • Heatmap (Android only)

Available for iOS and Android

LMAX Professional trading app

LMAX VWAP app – smartphone and tablet

The LMAX VWAP app, with full market depth, delivers live FX market data, along with volume-weighted average prices for all instruments across LMAX Exchange’s trading venues (LMAX Professional, LMAX Institutional and LMAX InterBank).

– Full market depth for all instruments
– Simple switching between instruments
– Simple switching between trading venues
– Real-time VWAP spread for selected quantity

Available for iOS and Android


LMAX News app – smartphone and tablet

The LMAX News app brings the very latest FX news, market data, charts and economic calendar in one easy to use app.

  • Economic news
  • Market data
  • Charts
  • Economic calendar

Available for iOS and Android