Volume Weighted Average Price

This will give you a better overview of the spread for larger size trades on LMAX Exchange.

VWAP amount field:
1. The VWAP price/spread will, by default, be calculated basis LMAX contracts (e.g. 1 LMAX FX contract = 10,000 notional base currency, 1 LMAX Spot Gold contract = 10oz)
2. Alternatively, a shortened notional amount can be entered in conjunction with the following product based abbreviations:

Example 1; Spot FX Pairs –
‘K’ or ‘k’
‘M’ or ‘m’
– will provide the price/spread in notional E.g. 500k = 500,000 notional/5m = 5,000,000 notional

Example 2; Spot Precious Metals –
‘OZ’ or ‘oz’
– will provide the price/spread in troy ounces

Example 3; Spot Oils –
‘B’ or ‘b’
– will provide the price/spread in Barrels

Equity Indexes – Not applicable at the moment, I will update you all if this change in the future.