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  • Has the Dollar Run Too Far and Fast? 17/08/2018
    The market heads into Friday with the US Dollar still very much in the driver's seat. However, the Dollar has also enjoyed a very nice run over the past several weeks, breaking to fresh yearly highs against most of the developed currencies, and there a...
    Research & Analytics
  • Currency Market Comes to a Crossroads 16/08/2018
    On Thursday, the FX market got back to trading on more familiar traditional drivers, with the price action clearly reflective of the shift in sentiment back to risk on. The Yen and Swiss Franc were both down against the Buck, while Aussie and Kiwi outp...
    Research & Analytics
  • Qatar Pledge Halts Risk Liquidation 16/08/2018
    The late Wednesday news of Qatar's pledge to invest $15 billion in Turkey, helped to stabilize a currency market under pressure against the US Dollar, with many currencies recovering out from recent 2018 lows into the close. On Thursday, key standouts ...
    Research & Analytics