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  • Where Things Stand into Friday 19/10/2018
    The US Dollar has enjoyed a nice run over the past few sessions and will be looking to see if it can extend the run into the Friday close. The Dollar is sitting in a unique position these days, as it's capable of rallying on both yield differentials and flight to safety. Audio update The […]
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  • Strange Commodity Currencies Price Action 18/10/2018
    Thursday price action was a little strange as far as traditional correlations go. Most of the day seemed to be about Dollar demand in the aftermath of a hawkish Fed Minutes, with US equity futures coming under pressure as a result. And yet, Aussie and Kiwi were relatively well supported, trading moderately higher against the […]
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  • Currency Market Still Looking for Clarity 18/10/2018
    There's been a lot of back and forth in the FX market in recent weeks, with currencies not sure exactly which way that next big break will be. After a nice run to the topside, the run has stalled out, with the US Dollar reasserting. Keep an eye on Eurusd 1.1430 and 1.1625. Audio update […]
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