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  • Reflections and Insights 20/04/2018
    For the most part, we've gone nowhere, when it comes to EURUSD in 2018, with the ranges only contracting further. But we’ve now reached a point where such contraction actually warns of volatility ahead. Audio update https://lemeaex2.files.wordpr...
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  • Important Takeaways and Key Markets to Watch 20/04/2018
    We're into Friday and as things stand, the US Dollar has enjoyed a nice week, flat against the Euro, but up against the other developed currencies. Two of the bigger stories this week were the fallouts in the Pound and Canadian Dollars on the back of a...
    Research & Analytics
  • EURCHF Finally Kisses 1.2000 19/04/2018
    Thursday price action was rather subdued, with FX markets holding to tight ranges. US data was mixed with the Philly Fed a beat, while initial jobless claims missed, though this didn't seem to make much of a difference. Audio update https://lemeaex2.f...
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