1. Download the program:MultiCharts: ( free 30-day trial ):
    32-bit version
    64-bit version
  2. Save the “.exe” file to your computer
  3. Double-click the file
  4. Follow the prompts of the Installation Wizard
  5. Run the program by double-clicking on the MultiCharts icon

Setup and connect to LMAX Exchange

  1. When first opening MultiCharts Version 8, locate and right-click on the LMAX tab. Select “Edit LMAX profile” and proceed to enter your account credentials.
  2. On the “LMAX” tab right-click once more and select the “Connect LMAX” option.
  3. The connection is established when the button on the tab turns green in colour. This enables the charts to open and connect to LMAX Exchange’s data feed.
  4. Open a new chart window, select “LMAX” in the data source and select “Add”. Instruments can now be added and viewed on the charts by selecting “OK”
  5. Choose the instruments to be displayed in the selected chart. Further parameters such as resolution and date range can be chosen within the “Settings” tab.
  6. Upon completion of the chart upload, MultiCharts will be ready to view and test trade.
  7. QuateManager: File -> New -> QuateManager Window