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  • Light Calendar, Short Week, Plenty of Risk November 20, 2017
    Monday's calendar isn't all that active, with only German producer prices standing out. At the same time, this doesn't mean Monday won't be an interesting day of trade, with plenty of room for volatility amidst broader macro themes packed with volatili...
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  • Basiphobia! November 17, 2017
    Overall, the story this week has been about the separation between major and commodity bloc FX. A lot of this could be warning of distress in markets, though this distress will ultimately only manifest when the US equity market overcomes its Basiphobia...
    Research & Analytics
  • FX Falls Flat, Strained by Low Vol November 16, 2017
    Plenty of economic data and central bank speak on Thursday, but the day ended up falling flat, with nothing in the way of anything interesting going on. Looking ahead, an ECB Draghi appearance and Canada CPI are the major standouts on a thinner Friday ...
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