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  • FX Ex-Kiwi Hangs Tight October 19, 2017
    Spain sent a strong message it wouldn't tolerate divide, UK retail sales were soft and US data was solid. But in the end, none of this really made any waves, with only Kiwi weakness standing out on the surprise election outcome. Audio update https://l...
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  • EU Summit, Catalonia Deadline, UK Retail Sales October 19, 2017
    FX has taken on a secondary role this week, with the ongoing bid in record high US equities in the spotlight. It's been a one way show for stocks for many years now, though this latest run has on off the rails, meltup kind of feel, especially when cons...
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  • FX Market Sits Back to Take in US Equity Craze October 18, 2017
    Performance in the FX market on Wednesday was rather deceptive. If you just looked at where the major currencies were on a percentage basis, it didn't seem all that crazy. But there was a wild feel about it all, seemingly on the back of another record ...
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