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  • Global Risk Appetite in Focus August 21, 2017
    Although the US Dollar has been benefiting from the overall improvement in US economic data over the past few weeks, the currency remains under broad pressure in 2017, with attempts to push its recovery in the previous week met with stiff resistance. W...
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  • Stocks Stumble, Safe Haven FX Propped Up August 18, 2017
    We're into the final day of trade for the week and it's been a wild ride, especially for what is usually a dull month of August. The US Dollar has managed to hold up relatively well, perhaps getting some more help from another round of risk liquidation...
    Research & Analytics
  • Euro Negative Headlines and Risk Off Flow August 17, 2017
    There was a lot going on in Thursday trade, though in the end, the price action could best be described as what one might see in a risk off environment. The Yen, Swiss Franc and US Dollar all stood out as the outperformers, while the other developed cu...
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