Gold and Silver minimum trade size changes

In two weeks’ time we will be introducing micro-lots to our Gold and Silver products in all Live environments (London LD4, Tokyo TY3 and New York NY4), where the minimum trade size will change to 0.1 contracts (equivalent to 1oz in Gold and 50oz in Silver). The change will be effective from Sunday market open, 24th September 2017.

The minimum trade size has already been updated in the Demo environment and is available for testing. Please ensure you are comfortable with the update before it is introduced in Live – please carry out the necessary tests to check that your software is able to handle the smaller fill sizes and contact any third party providers you may be using to connect to LMAX via API to adjust the relevant settings.

Please find the list of instruments affected:

XAU/USD – Gold (Spot)
XAG/USD – Silver (Spot)
Please note that the Gold and Silver minis will not be impacted.